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Featured Boudi Babe - Delsie

What made you choose Belle Allée?

At first because they are local and I didn't have to travel and after joining their Facebook group and getting to know her and her husband they seemed like amazing people!

What (if anything) were you nervous about before your session?

Having a man photograph me in this type of photo shoot; but he was absolutely amazing! So professional but yet was able to put you at ease.

Tell us a little about your experience during the shoot. What were your favorite parts? How was it different from your expectations?

I absolutely loved the location they chose for my photoshoot! It was absolutely amazing and beyond my expectations. I was a little worried just in general about the photoshoot but after we got to location, it was great! This husband and wife team are amazing! I can do nothing but brag about them because they talk to you like real people and they just put you at such ease and are amazing!

How do you feel now that your session is over?

Ready for another one!

If you could tell someone who is thinking about doing their own boudoir session one thing, what would it be?

I have worked with many photographers, in many different things, this team makes you feel comfortable! They talk to you like you're a person, they don't make you feel stupid. I highly recommend this wife-and-husband team! They are absolutely amazing, they make you feel comfortable, they make you feel beautiful, they are hilarious, their prices are absolutely affordable and they treat you like you're a friend not just a number!

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