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Featured Boudi Babe - Stef's Outdoor Boudoir Session

Updated: May 11, 2023

outdoor waterfall boudoir Columbia

What made you choose Belle Allée Photography for your session?

I chose Belle Allée Photography because I saw that their sense of beauty was not to make you fit the mold of what society expects. Their sense of beauty is enhancing your already given beauty. They don't want you to fit into a small bikini, tiny waisted thong. They want you to wear what YOU feel comfortable in, and what expresses YOUR beauty. They also value that every body is beautiful, and I greatly appreciated that. But, more specifically, when I first chatted with Boudoir by Belle Allée, I had expressed that I felt lost and I felt like I never saw what others did when it came to my looks/beauty. As an Asian growing up in North America, I never felt “traditionally” beautiful. Growing up with cartoons like Disney, it was blonde, blue eyed, Caucasian princesses who got their prince because they were so beautiful (and of course, also lovely on the inside too.) But I was the opposite of them… I was brown eyed, black hair, different skin color, with other features that did not look like them. I always felt ugly… and in the wake of recent Asian hate crimes and racism towards BIPOC, I felt even lesser than what a person should feel… I felt worthless… Unless someone wanted “exotic ass”, as I had experienced in past relationships and interactions that wanted me more for fun, than a person to love and cherish… without understanding and knowing, I naively thought that if I “gave myself” I would find someone who would eventually take the time to know me and love me… I was wrong about those in my past, but of course have found love in the now. ❤️ So I took the time to contemplate what could I do FOR ME to oppose or help doctor this situation and mentality… Ironically, it would seem counterintuitive that a boudoir photo shoot would help me “shed the ‘exotic ass’” perception. But it did for me. Because last weekend, I reclaimed it. I took this photo shoot as an opportunity to truly see myself for how I should. A smart, kind, intelligent, sensual, sexy, and fun woman who is deserving of being able to say “you are beautiful inside and out, especially as an Asian woman.” I reclaimed my sensuality and allowed myself to be fun and sexy - for me. But I also allowed myself to feel vulnerable and bare all (figuratively and literally), to release myself of the self hate and self doubts I have harbored for so long and to let myself feel special and worthy. To anyone who is unsure if they should do this- let me say you should. This photo shoot did so much for me. I cannot express how special I felt, how safe I felt, and how truly cared for I felt by everyone that day. And, more importantly, I felt beautiful. Thank you again Layla Cohen and Carla Dziadosz for giving me the Queen treatment and doing my makeup and hair, respectively. Thank you to Alyssa Alley and Zach Alley for giving me perspective of myself, letting me feel the worth that I am meant to feel, and giving me pride for the beauty that I have, and always had. Thank you for giving me my truth. ❤️

What (if anything) were you nervous about BEFORE your session?

Nothing really.

before & after regular woman boudoir

Tell us a little about your experience during the shoot. What were your favorite parts? How was it different from your expectations? How did you feel before, during, and after?

My experience during the session was everything! From the things we chose to wear, to the make up and hair treatment and of course, down to the creek. It was perfection! I felt as fluid as the waters. Just felt at home, and natural, and just felt like we could have fun- and we did! I was feeling surprisingly tired afterward, which I didn't expect! But I was having too much fun to realize I guess. :)

How do you feel now that your session is over?

Like I want to do it all over again. :) I want to cry! I feel like a goddess and I am blown away that THIS is ME!

Outdoor mermaid boudoir Columbia, MO

Would you recommend Belle Allée Photography to others?

YES! Aside from being an amazing husband and wife duo, it was also great working with two photographers at the same time. So one may have set you up for the pose, but the other may be catching the moment. And you just never know. And that is refreshing because you get photos where you think "when did THAT happen?" and you realize that they are two bodies working in sync to give you the best experience possible!

If you could tell someone who is thinking about doing their own boudoir session one thing, what would it be?

Just do it. You will be thankful you did!

OH, and bring a TON of outfit options because you get to feel fun and different in different outfits all the time!

Makeup by Layla Cohen

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