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Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm not sure Boudoir is for me, I'm not a super confident person or don't have a "model" figure...

Boudoir is for EVERYONE.

You absolutely do not have to have a "model figure" to do boudoir! In fact, NONE of our clients are models! (Even if they look like they are, I promise they aren't!) Boudoir is for ANY body and EVERY body!!! Truly. Boudoir will show you yourself in a new light and make you realize just how beautiful YOU are RIGHT NOW. It will build your confidence in a way that nothing else can! You will gain confidence during and after your session, not before and that's normal!! We will walk you through every single step in the process and make sure you're 100% comfortable!

I'm not totally comfortable in my own skin, should I still do a boudoir session?


In fact... that is a GREAT time to do a boudoir session!

99.99999% of our clients are NOT comfortable in their own skin (myself included!) but you wouldn't know it by looking at our portfolio, would you?! That's because we walk you through everything and we know what we are doing! The experience of a boudoir session, and the resulting photos are like NOTHING you've ever experienced. This is THE BEST way to BEGIN to feel comfortable in your own skin!!

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How long does a session take?

I'm not going to lie - it's a pretty full day! The reason for that is that we block off our entire day to spend focusing just on YOU. You will come in and have our professional hair and makeup team bring out your natural beauty, then we will begin your session which will last anywhere from about 1-2 hours. Over all we say it will take 3-5 hours. We don't put a "time limit" on your session because we want to make 100% sure we capture everything!

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How much does a boudoir session cost?

Boudoir is an investment. We provide a luxury experience like no other!

We want everyone to be able to have this experience at least once in their lifetime, and we understand being on a budget so we offer pre-session payment plans so that you can break up the cost over time instead of paying all at once! Just ask us during your phone consult! 

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How do I get my photos?

We will set up a time (approximately 1 week after your session) where we will meet up and show you all your images and choose all your favorites!

We have multiple options for digital images, prints, and products as well as collections (which are our most popular choice). Don't worry, we will go over all of that during your phone consult and in your welcome email!

How do I book a session?

Just fill out the form below this question! We will be in touch shortly after to set up a phone consult with you where we will go over all the details, explain how it all works, go over product pricing and answer any questions you have! Let's do this!!!

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