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Featured Boudi Babe - Brittany

What made you choose Boudoir by Belle Allée?

I like supporting locally and I loved the pictures that I saw on the fb page!

What were you nervous about before the session?

I was nervous about the “husband wife duo” at first. Until I met them both and then the nerves went away. They both made me super comfortable. The idea of being naked in front of strangers was scary, but again they both made me so comfortable and were 100% respectful.

What was your favorite part of the session?

I loved the whole experience. It was better than I expected. Like I mentioned above, my nerves were settled quickly, everyone was so nice & made me so comfortable.

How do you feel now that you've finished the session?

I’m so excited to see my pictures and I’ve already got plans for another session!

Would you recommend Belle Allee to your friends?

Yes! Amazing couple & you can tell they have passion for what they do!

If you could tell someone who is thinking about doing a boudoir session one thing, what would it be?

You’re beautiful and you’ll be happy you did it!

Makeup by Layla Cohen Hair by Izzi McGi

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