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Why is Boudoir Photography so Expensive?

Updated: May 2

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Maybe you’ve looked into having boudoir pictures done before; maybe you haven’t. If you have, you may have noticed something...Boudoir photography is a LOT more expensive than most other types of photography! Ever wonder why that is?

In this article, I’m going to break it down for you and explain the in’s and out’s of boudoir photography and why it’s so different from other types. Let’s jump right in!

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First off, I want to start by saying if you’ve done any research into boudoir, you may be floored by the prices. Most boudoir sessions cost anywhere from $1000-6000 or even more! It may seem pretty steep, which is why I want to explain why.

The first thing you should ask yourself if you’re considering booking a boudoir session is “What are you worth?” I don’t mean how much money you make or how popular you are. I mean, what price tag would you put on your self-confidence? What would you pay for a chance to feel validated in your own skin? If you’re anything like me, the answer is “my self-worth, my confidence, and feeling good in my own skin is absolutely PRICELESS.”

That’s what boudoir photography is. Boudoir is all about empowering yourself, seeing yourself in a new light, gaining confidence and falling in love with the body you are in NOW. Photos are just one small part of that experience.

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I’m going to be honest here. You can probably find cheaper boudoir photographers out there-- those who charge in the $75-350 range. However, what you need to ask yourself before booking one of those is - why are they so cheap?? Chances are, those photographers are just starting out. Those photographers most likely haven’t done their research on how to pose bodies of all shapes and sizes.

I can’t tell you how many of our clients have had boudoir photos taken by another photographer who was “budget friendly,” and then ended up coming to us. Why? Cheap boudoir photographer = cheap experience, products and images. You truly do get what you pay for. Boudoir is like fine dining, not McDonalds. If you want McDonalds prices, you are going to get McDonalds quality.

Those clients who have come to us after a bad experience with a cheap photographer tend to have the same complaints. The most common ones are that they felt rushed, were given little to no guidance on posing, or they were posed in a way that was not flattering to their body. One girl I’ve spoken to was SO distraught by her experience with a “budget boudoir” photographer that she didn’t feel good enough about herself to try again for FIVE YEARS. Five years!!!!

This is what “budget boudoir” will get you. If you want to see yourself in a new light, and love the body that you have, you need a true professional--someone who knows how to pose you and has invested in boudoir-specific education. That’s where we come in!

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So, what is a boudoir experience with us like?

Well, it’s just that. It’s an EXPERIENCE, not just a photoshoot!

We know how to capture beautiful, flattering photos of all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. We have spent hundreds of hours (and thousands of dollars) on training on everything from hair and makeup to posing and editing and beyond!

So what goes into a session with us?

Time wise, here is the breakdown of what we do and how many hours we put into each and every one of our clients:

  • Phone consultation prior to session (20-30 minutes)

  • Emails/messages back and forth prior to session (3-5 hours)

  • Preparation/set-up time prior to shoot (1 hour)

  • Wrap up/clean-up after shoot (1 hour)

  • Hair, Makeup and shooting the photos (4-5 hours)

  • Post-processing, editing and retouching (8-12 hours)

  • Album and prints - design, ordering, quality control, etc. (1-2 hours)

  • Education (per shoot, minimum) (1 hour)

  • Social Media, website, blog, managing the business (1 hour minimum PER SHOOT)

There you have it. We spend, on average, 21-28 hours minimum PER CLIENT per shoot! Our work day doesn’t end when you walk out of the session! For a traditional photoshoot (not boudoir) that looks more like this: