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Booking a Boudoir Session - Why you shouldn't wait!

Updated: May 11, 2023

reflections in water Outdoor creek boudoir session in Columbia MO

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’d love to do a boudoir session, but I need to lose some weight first,” or “I’d love to do a boudoir session, but I don’t have the confidence,” or any number of things like that? If so, then this article is for you.

I’m going to list some of the most common excuses and why they are just that - EXCUSES! Each and every single person on this planet can and should do a boudoir session and I’m here to tell you why it’s okay and why you shouldn’t wait!


I need to lose XX pounds first / I'm not comfortable in my body

  • We are trained professionals. Whether you’re a size 00 or a size 26, we’ve got your back. We know exactly how to pose you in a way that will flatter you and help you love the skin you’re in right now, not the skin you’re in later! What would you do to feel GREAT about the body you’re in right now?

  • Every person in the world deserves to see themselves in a new light and fall in love with their own body, no matter what size. That’s exactly what boudoir does! We ALL have insecurities (yes even size 0 girls have them!) and this is the absolute best way to learn to embrace them and love your body!


I don’t have the confidence to do a boudoir session.

  • 99.999999% of the women we work with are NOT CONFIDENT! I know you can’t imagine that from looking at their beautiful photos, but every single one is a bundle of nerves before the session, and that is totally okay and totally normal! Don’t look at a session as something you need to be confident to do, think of it as literally buying self confidence! The confidence builds during and after the session, NOT before! Again, we are professionals with a lot of education under our belts, and we know how to make you shine so you can see the confident woman you never knew was there!


I don’t know how to act sexy / I don’t feel sexy / I have no idea what to do / I’m not photogenic.

  • Doesn’t. Matter. One. Bit. Here’s the thing, we guide you through EVERY SINGLE PART OF THE SESSION. We even instruct you on what to do with your face! You literally don’t have to worry about a thing. All you have to do is mirror us because we even physically show you what to do!! You may not even feel sexy while doing the session, some of the poses feel so awkward! But that’s okay! You put your trust in us as professionals and you’ll be blown away by just how sexy you can be!


I don’t have anything to wear for a boudoir session / I wouldn’t know what to wear / I’m not comfortable wearing lingerie / I’m modest.

  • So guess what? When you book a session with us, we walk you through everything. Literally. We send all our clients their very own “style guide” packed full of outfit ideas and links to stores we recommend! Guess what else? It isn’t all lingerie! I guarantee you have at least 2 outfits that would work in your closet right now. We will even go back and forth with you as you pick stuff out if you want! And when you get to the session, we go through everything together to choose what will work best!

  • You don’t have to spend a ton of money on outfits for a boudoir session! From working with what you already own, to using sheets instead of clothes or websites like for cheap but beautiful lingerie, the sky's the limit!

  • Your comfort level comes first. You absolutely do not have to wear anything you’re not comfortable in. Modest boudoir is totally a thing! (Think a sexy cocktail dress, you putting on heels or just unzipping the back! We’ve even made jean shorts and a t-shirt look killer!)


I’m a mom, I don’t have time for myself.

  • We hear this one a lot. Guess what--you deserve to take time for yourself! I know, I know, it’s easier said than done. But can you imagine getting to spend an entire day just being pampered and told how amazing you look? Come into your session in your pj’s, have a glass of wine while you get your hair and makeup done, and chit chat with us and then top it all off with a super fun photoshoot where you get to look like the hottest mom on the block. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Definitely worth taking one day just for you and getting back in touch with the sexy mama you truly are!


I can’t afford it / It’s just too expensive for photos.

  • I’m not going to lie to you. Boudoir is an investment. Here’s the thing. You aren’t paying for “sexy photos.” You are paying for self-love, self-confidence and the opportunity to fall in love with yourself and your body. When you truly think about what you will gain, the photos are just part of it. Can you really put a price tag on loving yourself?

  • Boudoir photos allow you to look back 10, 20, 30+ years down the road and remember what an amazing woman you are! All our products are luxury, heirloom-quality products that will last your entire lifetime (and probably even your grandchildren's lifetime if you want to show them what a fox you were one day!).


I’m nervous about being in lingerie / posing / acting like that in front of someone.

  • I promise you, watching us demonstrate the poses will immediately alleviate any fears you have about that. We have SO MUCH FUN during the session, we are huge dorks! You won’t feel uncomfortable in the slightest!

  • Like a doctor, we’ve seen it all and seen it many times. It’s our job and we are 100% professional! We promise we don’t judge and we promise to make you feel safe and comfortable!


I’m too old.

  • There is absolutely no such thing as being too old for a boudoir session. We’ve worked with women from age 18 all the way up to age 70+! We know how to capture you looking your best at any age and at any stage! Put your trust in us.

  • Worried about wrinkles/cellulite/sagging? That’s what we are here for. Between posing and photoshop, we promise you won’t be disappointed. We typically don’t do a TON of photoshop, because we want the pictures to reflect you. We do a little skin smoothing and acne removal every time, but if you have something you truly want edited out, all you have to do is ask! We are here to make you feel beautiful.


I don’t have anyone to give the photos to / I’m not in a relationship.

  • YES YOU DO. Boudoir pictures, above all else, should be FOR YOU. Yes, they make a great gift for a partner too, but that is absolutely NOT a requirement! Honestly, a boudoir session is the best gift you can give YOURSELF. What it will do for your confidence and self love is like nothing else. Even those who come to us looking for a “gift for someone” end up leaving with the realization that it was more of a gift for themselves than it was for the person they thought they were gifting!


Everyone will see my pictures / I’m a very private person / I’m not comfortable having my pictures shared.

  • No one has to see anything you don’t want them to. While we absolutely love to share all our clients photos, we completely understand that these are very intimate photos. We absolutely NEVER share anything without your consent. If you want us to share your photos you actually have to opt in to have them shared!


What if I don’t like my photos? / What if it doesn’t work the same for me as you say it will?

  • Of course this is a huge fear for a lot of women. You can spend all day reading this article and articles like it and still not believe it. Trust me, I get it. It sounds too good to be true! I can tell you over and over and over again that I PROMISE IT WILL WORK FOR YOU, but until you actually do it for yourself, you may not believe it.

  • I can tell you that we have NEVER had a single client NOT fall in love with their images. I can tell you I was skeptical myself before I did my first one too. I thought “I’ll only like a handful of these,” and then I sat down and went through them and struggled to delete ANY because I was so in love. I never thought I would experience that. I never thought I’d be in my 30s and have more confidence than I’ve ever had in my life, all thanks to a boudoir session! I hadn’t worn shorts in public since I was about 13. I am happy to report that after my boudoir session, I went out and bought my first pair of shorts in almost 20 years! A few years ago, I bought a swim skirt because I was THAT uncomfortable with being seen in a bikini. I have since ditched the swim skirt and am happy to wear whatever bikini I find cute!

To wrap up...

I promise you, everything I’ve said in this article is true. Are you ready to believe it and invest in yourself and love yourself?

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