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Best Lingerie Websites for Boudoir Photos

Updated: May 11, 2023

best lingerie websites for boudoir

So today we wanted to talk to you guys about some of our ALL TIME FAVORITE online shops for lingerie for boudoir sessions! I’ll break down costs, show you some pictures from each shop and if you click the picture, it will take you right to that shop!

(P.S. I do not receive anything from these companies in exchange for this.)

shein lingerie for boudoir

First up is SHEIN


This one will forever be one of my absolute favorites for a few reasons.

  1. The price. You truly cannot beat the price. They have pieces as low as $5! Almost nothing on the site is over $30, especially in the lingerie department.

  2. Reviews. The reviews on this site are stellar. Almost every single piece has TONS of reviews, including pictures on real people! One thing I will say — read the reviews for every single piece because if a certain piece runs big or small, the reviews will tell you!

  3. Size inclusivity. They have pieces ranging from extra small all the way up to 5XL. The 5XL also doesn’t cost you any more money than the extra small.

  4. They have super-unique pieces. If you want something that goes with a theme, I’d start here. Not every piece is super unique though— they have tons of more traditional pieces too.

  5. Options, Options, Options. Literally, you can spend HOURS scrolling through the mountains of lingerie on this website. And when you get done there, don’t forget to look at “bodysuits” in the regular clothing section, body jewelry and even swimsuits!

yandy lingerie for boudoir


Yandy is similar to Shein in some ways.

  1. The price is similar. Their bodysuits start at about $10 as opposed to Shein’s $5, but still, it’s a truly stellar price. I believe their most expensive body suit is around $70.

  2. Unique pieces. Just like shein, this site has tons of unique pieces. Neon colors, patterns, themes—you name it! They also have a very wide range of more traditional pieces!

  3. Options, Options, Options. There are about 34 different lingerie categories on the site—even one that is MEN’S LINGERIE! Now that you won’t find everywhere. I will say that while most of the men’s lingerie on the site is pretty out there (think crotchless panties for men haha), there are some really cute boxer briefs and such. So if you’re thinking of doing a couples shoot, that might be a place to check out! (But please, do not show up with crotchless men’s panties for a boudoir session, haha!)

  4. Size inclusivity. While not as inclusive as Shein, Yandy does go from XS up to 2XL.

bare necessities lingerie for boudoir


Bare Necessities is a step up from Yandy and Shein, while still maintaining a really good price point.

  1. The price is a little more than Shein and Yandy. Their bodysuits start around $15 and go up to $85. I’d say the majority are in the $20-35 range.

  2. A bit more modest? I mean, not many lingerie pieces are really considered modest, lol. But there are some choices on the site that don’t have see-through cups and have slightly more coverage on the bum, which can be harder to come by in the cheaper places like Shein and Yandy.

  3. Size inclusivity. They go from size XS-4XL. I will say however, that the further up in size you go, the fewer choices you have. So while they do have options for full figures, they don’t have a ton.

Bella Bella lingerie for boudoir


Bella Bella Boutique is semi-comparable in price to Bare Necessities, maybe a bit more.

  1. Pricing on bodysuits starts at around $35 and goes up to $156–most being under $50-60.

  2. Class. They have a lot of very classy pieces, even some adorable ones with sleeves! If you have kind of a sexy librarian vibe or a more elegant vibe, this is definitely one to check out.

  3. Sizes range from S-4XL. (sorry xs, this one may not be the best for you!) And again, the higher the size, the fewer options you have. This one is probably best for S-XL.

Mentionables lingerie for boudoir


Mentionables doesn’t have a huge selection, but the pieces they do have are adorable!

  1. Pricing starts around $40 and stays around $40.

  2. Model-free shopping experience. All their pieces are laid out so you can see what they look like without the stick figure, large chested women making you think “I’ll look like that in this piece” or body shaming and making you feel like “that will never look like that on me.” We are all for a place that doesn’t agree with body shaming sales tactics!

  3. Sizes range from XS-3XL. Prices don’t change depending on size. Be aware when shopping that if you click the “lingerie” tab it will only show sizes XS-XL. You have to click the “Curvy” category at the top to see the 1-3X.

Salt and Lace lingerie for boudoir


  1. Pricing starts around $35 and goes up to about $60 on bodysuits.

  2. Very elegant pieces, though not a ton of selection.

  3. Sizing starts at small and goes up to 4X. (Again not a great choice for the XS ladies) and very, very few options on the full figured end of the spectrum. Prices however, do not change depending on size, which I like.

Pleasurements lingerie for boudoir


Pleasurements is going to be the most expensive shop on the list, but for good reason.

  1. Prices are much higher here. They start at about $68 and go into the $400+ range.

  2. Luxurious, elegant, unique pieces. If you have it in your budget and fit in their sizing, definitely look at this site.

  3. Sizing is much less inclusive. This is really a boutique-style shop, so it’s not for everyone. Sizes start at XS and go up to XXL. Small, medium, large and xlarge will have the most options on this site. XS is somewhat lacking with about half the number of products as the other sizes, and XXL only has a handful of options.

best lingerie for boudoir shoots

So, did you notice a trend? I based all the info above on the bodysuit sections of each site. Why, you ask? Because bodysuits are the holy grail of boudoir photography! Seriously, I have yet to see a person who doesn’t look killer in a bodysuit! (And honestly, before I started this boudoir photography journey, I hated them and thought they wouldn’t look good on me. I also thought I’d never find one that fit because I have such a long torso. I can tell you that I now own over 20 and I buy more probably at least once a month!) So if you’re looking for lingerie that will flatter you, no matter what site you decide to check out from this list, I highly recommend you start in their body suits section!

Also, while I’m at it, please stay away from “babydoll” styles! These are NOT flattering in photos. You might feel good in them because the fabric flows away from you and “hides your flaws” but let me tell you, in photos, they simply make you look shapeless. There are much better ways to conceal things you want to conceal, like a bodysuit with tummy coverage, a corset or a lacy robe!

Now that you’re all set on your lingerie, let’s get your boudoir session booked! When you book a boudoir session with us, we will send you an entire style guide full of outfit recommendations and even stuff to avoid, including pictures!

Want more advice and to join a like-minded community of body-positive, uplifting women? Click HERE to join our private women-only Facebook group!

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