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This is the August full MONTH of engaging content specifically designed for boudoir photographers VIP Facebook groups! (Can absolutely be used on any social media as well! Great for Instagram too!)


Looking to have your ENTIRE YEAR LAID OUT FOR YOU?! Click here!


5 posts per day which means there are 155 unique posts!


Each day includes

*1 lingerie this or that

*1 predictive text game

*1 random this or that

*1 get to know you question

*1 miscellaneous engaging post


Absolutely NO Memes, quotes, etc. Every single post is interactive!


Tons of boudoir-specific posts sprinkled throughout as well!

Everything is very inclusive as well. On "pick your celebrity crush" we included men AND women. Lingerie this or that's feature everyone from petite to plus and every skin tone. Not one post says "boyfriend" or "husband" they all say "PARTNER". The only "non-inclusive" thing about these posts is that they are tailored to 1)boudoir photographers and 2)those who identify as women.

Also, there are NO white posts. We want these posts to be eye-catching against the white background of social media so all the posts are colorful or black backgrounds!


Easy organization, open the folder, click the day you want and drag and drop to Facebook! That's it! Easy drag-and-drop to Facebook for every single day of the month. No more thinking about what to post, hoping you can find enough random engaging content to post or settling for posting memes. Not a single post in this pack is a meme, quote or anything like that. Every single one asks your members to do something! If you find one that your group loves (mine loves the counting game - which btw is January 26th in the January pack) you can always post it multiple times too! We play the counting game every month towards the end of the month in my group to help them all rack up TCC points!



*The fine print*

Examples shown may not be in THIS months pack, they were taken from our FULL YEAR version.

No refunds. Since this is a digital product we can't verify if you've used it or not, so just don't even ask.

All posts are in JPEG format.

DO NOT SHARE any of this content with anyone outside of your groups. You paid for it - they should have to too right?!

Questions? Feel free to email me

AUGUST Engaging Content - Full Month

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